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What is a WebQuest?

on Thursday, April 9, 2009

Search for the word "WebQuest" in any search engine, and you soon discover thousands of online lessons created by teachers around the world. What is a WebQuest? A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented online tool for learning, says workshop expert Bernie Dodge. This means it is a classroom-based lesson in which most or all of the information that students explore and evaluate comes from the World Wide Web. Beyond that, WebQuests:

  • can be as short as a single class period or as long as a month-long unit;

  • usually (though not always) involve group work, with division of labor among students who take on specific roles or perspectives;

  • are built around resources that are preselected by the teacher. Students spend their time USING information, not LOOKING for it.
old WebQuest Page at SDSU
old WebQuest portal

This site provides a unified gateway to the resources previously linked to the WebQuest Page at San Diego State University and those at the portal at WebQuest.Org.

Usually, a webquest is divided in the following sections:
  • Introduction
  • Task
  • Process
  • Evaluation
  • Conclusion
  • Teacher's Page (optional)
  • Credits

  • Select a topic or theme that fits your curriculum and standards.
  • Become familiar with web sites in your content area. Start collecting by selecting and bookmarking interesting sites.
  • Select a task for your students to accomplish. If you need help or inspiration check out WebQuest Taskonomy: A Taxonomy of Tasks
  • Make a list of each step students need to take in the process of accomplishing the task you set for them.
  • Create a rubric to show students how you will evaluate them.
  • Design your web pages or use a pre-made template.
  • Upload the pages to the Internet or follow the wizard from your template.

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